Dog Training in Hampshire
and West Sussex

Our dog training & Behaviour follows the ethics promoted by Karen Pryor Academy, Tellington TTouch and the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). Using the science of behaviour change we endeavour to provide high quality teaching skills and understanding using positive reinforcement.

1-1 lessons are available on a Sunday morning indoor venue & further sessions outdoor at our secure, private facility – 45 minutes – 1 hour slots. Residential training programmes are also offered with an emphasis on client transfer sessions.

What there is to know about dog training

1. Our training methods are positive and reward based. Trust and communication are paramount and we have proven success in rehabilitation, training and handling.

2. Our training is force free. We believe in providing a choice.

3. We are qualified and have achieved accreditation through recognised bodies by demonstrating our knowledge, practical skills, handling skills and ability to achieve results to a team of experienced trainers and behaviourists (including some of the best in the country!).

4. We continually invest in our own training and knowledge with regular attendance at seminars and events.

Foundation skills & behaviours enable a dog & owner to build a strong base & a lifetime of successful learning.

“He who loves practise without theory is like the sailor who boards a ship without a rudder & compass & never knows where he may cast.” The notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci (Richter, 1888) – as shared by Dr Susan Friedman