Day Care

In 2002 we realised that there was a need for dog day care and as such offered a friendly place for your dog to spend their day. We have always provided a force free, enjoyable and social place for dogs to hang out in a secure area with full supervision.

Day care is ideal for those with a busy and demanding lifestyle who don’t want to leave their dogs alone and equally don’t want the pressure of exercising their dog at the end of a long day at work. You can drop with us or if you are in or around Petersfield we offer a pick up / drop home service for your convenience.

Dogs don’t have the ability to rationalise or know what’s best for them however, we do and that is why we walk regularly, ensure that we are involving them with the routine, changing their environment and match them with similar dogs so that outings are both enjoyable and sociable. We believe that this is a significant and important part of day care and we will vary the walks daily.

At our day care premises we offer stimulating search games, ball games, social interaction in a safe and secure area. Pups and the more senior are managed so as not to be over exerted with regular breaks and separation to allow them space. Dogs under 6 months are not walked and our senior guests are managed in accordance with your instructions.

Training can be continued at Allywags. We are positive reward based, force free trainers and handlers with qualifications in behavioural training, training and clicker training.